Crime in Society

Crime in Society
Kimberly Penwell
SOC 305: Crime & Society
Instructor: Michael Pozesny
May 7, 2012

Crime in Society
Crime is an epidemic which has plagued societies since society did not even exist. Since the beginning society has tried to find ways to deal with crime in an effective way in which everyone would receive the punishment or reparation for a crime that has been committed. There are specific things that shape the way that society handles crime in present day. These ways are education in the field of crime, a structured justice system which can hand out proper punishment, ways of deterring crime, ways of dealing with criminals who have committed crimes, ways of helping people who have had a crime committed against them, and finally finding ways to turn criminals into people who can live in society. The justice system of today has ways to deal with all of these situations but there is always room for improvement.
  “The study of crime and deviance has always been one of the most theoretically fertile areas in sociology” (Sampson, 2000). The study of crime is a way for law enforcement to understand crime who and why the crime was committed. This is a direct link to sociology of criminals understanding why they have committed a crime. To have an effective way to prevent crime the justice system has to build a way for the law enforcement to understand and prevent or even stop crimes before they are committed, and to find and punish criminals. There is also the side of proving that criminals have committed a crime. This is a lawyer’s job to prove that the crime has been committed and why so they are able to convince a jury to convict them and give them a sentence which is suitable for the crime they were involved in.
In today’s law enforcement field most people who are applying for the job must have a certain amount of college and it is pressed that it be in criminal justice. This is so that police officers are educated and more able to fight...