Consequences of Crime on Society

Consequence of Crime on Society
JUS110 Introduction to Criminal Justice
August 29, 2012

This paper explores five published articles that report on the causes, effects and possible solutions to crimes which were gathered from various articles found at The articles vary in their definition of crime, its cause, its effect on society and a possible solution or solutions of stopping or at least decreasing these crimes, due to the different author’s perspectives. This paper will explore if crime is caused due to unemployment and poverty and if so what effect it has on society and possible solutions could help to decrease crime due to this factor.   Another aspect of crime this report will examine is the increasing hate crimes, which includes the bullying that is currently in schools and the effects that it is having on the younger generation. Domestic violence and abuse will also be discussed as a possible cause to criminal acts as it appears this is the cause of the increasing female criminal activity today. This report will also explore the increasing number of identity thefts that have become a major part of our society today.   There have been much research on this crime in recent years, and many have offered suggestions for solutions, as well as educating the public how to protect their identity. And finally what may be the biggest cause of criminal activity in our society today and have the greatest impact on society, drug abuse.
Keywords: Poverty-unemployment, hate, drugs, domestic violence, Identity theft.

It would seem that crime in our country today is growing more rapidly than any other time in history, even though we read reports from the FBI and other organizations that say otherwise. We all see it in our own neighborhood, from the vandalized vacant house next door, to the corner store robbed by some rebellious teens just for kicks. My research is about crime in...