Crime Data Comparison

Crime Data Comparison
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Crime Data Comparison
The Uniform Crime Reports (UCR) is a voluntary program that provides nationwide crime statistics based off information provided by law enforcement agencies across the country. The UCR collects data on a number of different crimes to include burglary, murder, and terrorism offenses. The UCR bases its findings solely from those individuals who have been arrested by law enforcement agencies and not statistics that may have been collected from court room proceedings, or decisions made by prosecutors. Analyzing the occurrence of the offense of murder in Birmingham, Alabama and Anchorage, Alaska provides a comparison of factors that may contribute to differences between the two areas as well as provides an insight of crime rates and reasons crime rates may change over time.  
Rates of Murder Crimes
Anchorage, Alaska is the state’s largest city with a population of more than 279,000 people. Anchorage possesses a diverse population; however, the majority of the population is predominately white. In 2009, the UCR suggests murder offenses have risen over the years. 14 cases of murder offenses were reported in 2009 which was an increase from 2008 as only 10 murder crimes were reported and listed on the UCR. In comparison, Birmingham, Alabama maintains a population of more than 227,000 people, possessing a racial make-up of more than 70% African Americans and approximately 23% of the population is white. The UCR suggests that in 2009 there were 65 murder crimes reported which was lower than the 82 cases listed in 2008 ("Alabama Live Llc", 2011).
In terms of percentages, it appears that murder crimes in Anchorage in 2009 were on the rise with an increase of approximately 40%. On the other hand, the number of murder crimes in Birmingham decreased by approximately 21% as the numbers went from 82 in 2008 to 65 in 2009 ("The FBI Federal Bureau Of Investigation", 2011). With...