Creative Story, Section Ii

The sun was setting with the sky blazing like a furnace. Me and my son James was lying on the soft grass staring in the sky. The breeze blew onto us and we both looked at each other, satisfied with the sensation. A call from Jenny, indication of dinner was read to serve. There wasn’t much left to eat, as the World War II had caused civilian to donate, in a forceful way to assist the soldiers in battle. However, without food, the warmth in the family still remains blazing brightly. We sat there with a piece of bread and a cup of milk. We told jokes and memories to our son James. It was unfortunately that we couldn’t afford for his education. But he still smiles at us with his small little teethe. A knock from the door was heard. It was unusual but predicted. I opened the door. A black figure emerged from the sunset. It was a sergeant from the Australia army force.

Bangs of the batons smashing on the cells awakes the group of Australian men. The drowsy sensation of morning sleepiness follows me through the position of standing up. The doors were unlocked and two Japanese soldiers instructed us, using hand signals for us to move into another area. Half sleeping soldiers were slouching when heading to the door. Without warning, the Japanese soldier pulled out his baton and viciously hit the soldier’s back until he stiffens up. The rest of the group automatically stiffened up to a saluting position. In silence we marched out toward the open area. The blazing sun strikes us on our face. As other prisoners emerge to form neat, straight rows, no conversation was made. When this formation was completed, the Japanese general a boarded the stage. “To all fellow Australian, your government has sent you a very warm and welcoming letter.”

The letter was quite long, however it was not until the general said this, “Keep smiling Australian.”   This caused us to break into laugher. Its been 6 months in the Japanese prisoner camps with no plans taken to save us, and all he wants...