Creating a Plan for Positive Influence

Creating a Plan for Positive Influence
Employees can make or break a company. A large business project is getting underway: Learning Team A is chosen for the task. Before the project begins, the team is asked to create a plan for positive influence.
Each member has a distinct personality and different work and personal experiences to bring to the group.   The team members will take three self-assessments: DISC (Dominance, Influence, Steadiness, and Conscientiousness), Emotional Intelligence, and the Values and Attitudes Insights. After completion of the assessments, members will discuss the results of the assessments as a whole.
The team will discuss ways to increase motivation, satisfaction, and performance of the team members. The team will also address specific differences in attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values and each influences behavior. Finally, the team will address how to effectively implement each of the differences to positively influence the team and put it in writing.
DISC Results
The team consists of 4 members. The DISC results are as follows. Two of the members, Denise and Cynthia, have a predominately Dominance Style with a sub-style as The Producer. Their tendencies include being told what, when, or how to do something, being reluctant to change thoughts or feelings, and making sure tasks are completed on time. Their growth opportunities include learning to broaden perspectives, being more effective outside comfort zones using methods such as considering other viewpoints and finding different ways to complete goals, showing more confidence in others by assigning meaningful tasks, and scheduling more free time for themselves. The assessment lists the following as ways to improve Personal Empowerment: ask team members for their input regarding completion of the task, get a majority vote when making important team decisions, and be more genuine toward others feelings and their own.
Cheryl exhibits the Cautious Style with a...