Creating a Plan for Positive Influence Paper



Creating a Plan for Positive Influence Steven Manson LDR/531 20 May, 2013 Andrew Mark


Creating a Plan for a Positive Influence The top management has assigned a new team to work in a special project for a year along. The emphasis of this work is establishing a plan for positive influence in order to enhance their motivation, satisfaction and performance. Elements as attitudes, emotions, personalities, and values will be observed among the team members to provide with significant differences that help to positively influence the team to achieve the mission and objective assigned. Despite there are a lot of theories that explain the factors to enhance the motivation in the work environment the expectancy theory will apply to this team a positive influence. Motivation is defined according (author) as the spark to lead an individual to achieve his goals through intensity, direction, and persistence elements. This theory establishes how the employee will work hard and to a high level when certain factors play a key role. The factors mentions prior are effort and performance, performance and rewards, and rewards and satisfaction of personal goals. To maintain the team motivation is important established an adequate performance appraisal that focuses in the effort to get good performances. For first instances establish from the beginning a clear concept of the objective of the teamwork and expectation of it. The leader must recognize the importance as the team traits to be success in this work assigning.


Reference Robbins, S.P., & Coulter, M. (2012). Management (11th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice Hall.