Movie Crash

The movie Crash was based on racial stereotypes, which exist among individuals today. These stereotypes are developed in the past and present circumstances. This movie concentrated on different ethnic groups and was based real life scenarios of typical everyday life for these people.
I believe this movie was a very accurate description of race relations. I think the race relations in this movie was merely a genital version compared to illegal events that occur. I believe these events are still very hurtful towards individuals, although the ones implemented in the film are generally racial remarks or actions people tend to get away with. By getting away, I meaning technical no criminal act. Usually in regards to race relations, we only hear on beatings and someone being treated unfairly because of race, age, or religion. However, I don’t believe I ever heard or seen another film focusing on real common life discrimination. I think because most of these incidents go unreported to officials.
The movie Crash gave me mixed emotions.   I felt pretty tense throughout the movie. Some of the events made me angry.   I also felt sorry for the other prejudice behaviors others had to suffer. Even though it was only a movie, the unfairness was true life. Although I am glad this movie was generated being an African American myself, sometimes we feel we are the only ones discriminated against. This movie put you in other people shoes, to view how society treats them as well.   I learned some perceptions that I may have and how my actions affect others.
This movie also changed my opinion on race and relations. This movie helped me to understand why some people think and say certain things. These people’s upbringing, social groups and even down to employment severely influenced their behavior toward different ethnic groups.   I believe people’s life experiences affect how they treat others.   A lady was once robbed by a black man. She may be more hesitant to black men out of fear...