Crash Critique

David and Goliath

A-   What imediatly stands out to me is the young boy pinning down a much larger man (the giant goliath). In the aspect of colour i notice there isnt much. It is really dark except for the illumitade people in the art. I belive it shows triumph and weak conqoering the strong through perseverance and determination aswell as faith.

B- Because of the picture depicting a small boy beating a giant I think the picture will mirror some kind of triumph in its era. Due to its religous backround to the story David and Goliath it may have something to do with a church too. What makes me assume this is my little prior knowledge on the story leading me to believe it has something to do with a church and the fact that it shows him beating the giant makes me assume it has something to due with an underdog victory

C- Upon research I found the painting to be made in 1599 by Carivaggio and Italian artist. He made this painting in his early carrer. I also found out the reason he made this portrait was to petition a pardon since he fled Rome after being accused of murder. He sent this portrait as an act of kindness to the Papal court and pardon was recieved but not soon enough seeing as he was killed.

D- In the time of God and religon being an up most power Carivaggio was condemed to death with a bounty put on his head. In an effort to save his own life and being an artist; knowing the appreciation Rome had for religon he painted his portrait David and Goliath. Influenced by religous power and lore he sent this portait to the Papal Court and they loved it and granted him his pardon for his alegeded crime.