Crane Truck Perfect Designing from Kfcrane

The KFcrane company has the first-class technology research and development team, top of the crane and the product of form a complete set of production equipment, perfect supporting service system.Use from Europe, Japan, Taiwan's new technology, new technology, new material, with the design of innovative thinking to develop many new product adapt to market demand (for example: single girder, double girder cranes, gantry crane, wire rope electric hoist, chain electric hoist, trolley, wheels, girder, crane accessories series).Opens up a new starting point, new direction of regional heavy industries.Adopting box shaped double main beam construction: trolley operating track is installed on the upper cover of main beam, and track adopts cool-drawing special track steel, then it has low height, good straightness and flatness, ensuring the stable operation of trolley as well as reducing space occupied by equipment above track surface, increasing contact area with wheels, decreasing wheel pressure and extending service lift of wheels.

End Truck Carriages:

The main structure adopts standardized and autonomous one-off weld-forming rectangular pipe, so it owns good mechanic performance and stable quality. It is small in volume so it reduces the space measurement of crane as much as possible, lowering the total height of crane and saving the plant building expense. The wheel material adopts 40Cr, #45 forged steel or HT200 nodular cast iron, ensuring high strength, great pressure bearing and minimum diameter of wheel. Its operation is accurate and adopts frequency conversions driver, so the operation is smooth and stable, free from impact.

In order to meet continuous changing economy and social needs, we have first-class technique, complete managing mechanism, wide marketing channels, and excellent sale servise system.Our activities are governed by our quality system in compliance with the standard ISO 9001,SGS,CE Certifications.