The best or nothing
Dr. Farid Haddad
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Mustafa mahmud                                                             109152    
The introduction

Mercedes is Stolz der deutschen industrie, which means that Mercedes is the pride of the German industry it was established in Stuttgart in 1926 by Karl Benz and gottieb Daimler Mercedes Benz is known by its famous cars , coaches , busses and formula f1 cars , it is known by its strong German engines Mercedes is a well known brand around the world whenever you hear Mercedes you know that you are facing one of the world strongest automobile production in the world.

Pastel analysis

First the political:

Laws and government regulations have affected this industry since the 1960s. Almost all of the regulations come from consumers increasing concerns for the environment and the concern for safer automobiles.

Egypt is a stable country political wise not like many other countries like Sudan etc... so there is no fear on car companies here in Europe there has been a new law that   the average CO2 emissions from new European cars must be cut to 130g/km by 2015.   not like this is happening in Egypt anytime soon but just thought I should mention another thing is taxes and customs they have been increased dramatically during the past few years so the car prices have been going up so many people have decided not to buy because of the price because Egyptians tend to think price wise .

Second the economic:


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