Is There a God?

Is There A God?
  I. Introduction
Can you answer the question is there a God with proof and evidence that someone higher than the realms of reality has existed throughout time. The answer is yes. With the world looking for answers individuals tend to turn to the inside for their beliefs and contentment. They usually find this in their belief of God and their religion. We are looking for something or someone greater than ourselves to provide comfort, reassurance, and peace. It takes individuals motivation and reasons to look for those answer in the existence of God. Proving the existence of God in our world as well as in the universe is not that hard to fathom. As the creation of all things have a perfect design to them.   Understanding everything in the universe, especially humans can exist because of the factors of a supreme design by the Supreme Being. Those that have ignorance or discontentment there is no such thing as God. With the theory of creation versus evolution man has learned there are no identifiable traits that link one to the other.   It was historical philosophers that gave us theories to contemplate the existence of God by providing examples of how they perceived in the world in what we live in that God does exist. So the question remains is there a God only depends on one’s belief system that can make that decision of whether or not there is a God.
  II. Principle Issues:
  A. Existence
  B. Human existence
  C. Answering prayers
  D. Ignorance
  III. Existence:
  A. Creator of the universe
  B. Uniform laws of nature
First things first existences of the universe had to come from somewhere and from someone with a greater imagination. This grand design has everything perfectly placed in position. Every planet is thousands of miles apart from each other and even light years way to prevent collision into each other. The designer could only be the one who has control of these events and existence, God. His perfect masterpiece is...