Counseling Ptsd

Counseling PTSD Among Today’s Military Veterans
Jonathan W. Hart
Professor Jae Duk Kim
Counseling 501

May 19, 2010

Counseling PTSD Among Today’s Military Veterans

Although the main focus of this paper will feature war veterans with PTSD this disorder can be experienced by anyone that witnesses or personally suffered acts of violence, personal assaults, natural or human-caused disasters, bad accidents people of all ages may experience Post-traumatic stress disorder.
The diagnosis of PTSD historically originates from observations of the effect of combat on soldiers. The grouping of symptoms that we now refer to as PTSD has been described in the past as "combat fatigue," "shell shock," or "war neurosis."
Matthew, T. (2009, 22). Rates of PTSD in Veterans.
This paper will address the mental health of members of the Army, and Marine Corps who were involved combat operations in Vietnam, Iraq, the Gulf War, and Afghanistan. I also will share my personal experience as I am presently in counseling and on medication for PTSD.
Also included will be quotes from the book Clemons, K. with Bill, B. (2008). AMEPD. Hoboken, New York: John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Who gives me credit for counseling him along with a few other soldiers through some very depressed times while in recovery at Brook Army Center Fort Sam Houston, TX. Which has inspired me along with wanting to serve GOD to start this journey to receive a degree in counseling.
PTSD affects about 30 percent of Vietnam veterans, 10 percent of Desert Storm vets, upwards of 20 percent of those who served in Iraq and 11 percent of Afghanistan combatants, according to the national PTSD center. ...Nationally, PTSD has affected 23 percent (92,998) of Iraq and Afghanistan vets seeking care at the VA from 2002 to 2008. Brian, A. (2009 July). Combat Clips: Selection of OEF/OIF Veterans Statistics.
You can see the Vietnam War shows the highest percentage of PTSD veterans but I believe it was the longest...