When one hear the word PTSD, the first thing that comes to one mind is crazy.   That is not true it just a myths that one uses.   For many year people has been suffering with this illness, and it was never quite understand until know. This disorder has being called by many different names during certain eras; in World War I it was called “combat fatigue”, in World War II it was called “gross stress reaction”, and during the Vietnam War it was called “post Vietnam syndrome”.   Other names for PTSD are battle fatigue and shell shock.   As of today there’s treatment to manager PTSD such as, medication, therapy and group counseling.  
People who are suffering from PTSD have been exposed to some sort traumatic experience in their lifetime such as rape, natural disaster, accident, and war.   PTSD develops due to changes in the brain after the traumatic event has occurred, not everyone who has a traumatic experience will develop this disorder.   People who tends to suffer from PTSD are those that have prolonged exposure to traumatic events, was close to the event when it occurred, who lost someone in the event, have had emotional problems prior to incident, and who lack social support,   According to statistic African American, Hispanics, and Native American are more prone to this disorder due to lack of support from family members and self blame.   Women, children, and adolescents have a higher rate of PTSD.
PTSD has been in the media for the last eight years due to the war in Iraq and Afghanistan.   Soldiers have been returning home from these wars exhibiting signs and symptoms of PTSD and major depression.   Some of the symptoms include night sweats, recurring nightmares about events that took place, and anxiety to name a few. Military members who have returned for theses wars have committed suicide and have also taken the live of loved ones.   One of the reasons why soldiers are returning home with symptoms of PTSD is because of the multiple deployments that they must endure....