Counseling Essay

Counselor Ethics and Responsibilities Assignment Guidelines

Abortion. (A 19-year-old rape victim wants an abortion, but her parents are vehemently opposed to abortion on religious grounds and have stated that they will no longer consider her their daughter if she proceeds. The young woman is firm in her plans but wants your help in changing her parents’ attitudes.
I chose the “abortion topic because I can relate to this scenario from personal experience. A few years ago, I became pregnant by my ex-fiancé. He was the first guy who I had become sexually active with. It was very hard and devastating. We were still together, but we were experiencing some difficulties in our relationship. He was currently unemployed and I felt like we were not ready to take on this responsibility at that present time.   We were considering both abortion and keeping the baby. I had grown up in a very strict and sheltered environment. Abortion would be against my morals and values. We eventually chose the abortion option. I was very nervous and scared at the same time. I was afraid of what my parents would think and how they would view me as their daughter. I eventually told them that I had an abortion. They were very surprised and I felt that they were very disappointed in me. Even though having an abortion went against my morals, values, and beliefs, I felt that I needed to do what was best for me at the time. I didn’t personally believe in abortion while in my adolescent years. I didn’t even believe in abortion up until it happened to me. But my views have changed. My views were altered by an experience that I encountered. I feel that a woman should be able to have the right to make an informed decision about the concerns of her body and how she will be affected in the long run. As a counselor, I must always keep in mind that it is my ethical responsibility to seek the best needs and interests of the client. Even though I have my own beliefs, values, and beliefs, as it...