Corporate Level Strategy

On top of it, account and finance department is also treated as core center of the company that retentive the rigid analysis and monitor the balancing of business in term of revenue, overhead, development and capital evaluation. All the analysis will finally report to board of management directly by account and finance managers in consistence period. In the accounting coverage, operating budget is usually projected yearly. The budget is a statement of likely sources of income and anticipated expenses for operation and capital development.

      Never be slacken, the board notices that the major sales and revenue contribution to the company is form the central of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur. In order to continue growth and providing extensive benefit to consumers of Malaysia. Again decisions make by the Board to restructure the Head Quarter from North to Central Malaysia. ES is now operational on its new premises in Central Malaysia. In compliance with the principle of the company, the ES new office is being equipped with a R&D laboratory to promptly respond to tailor made developments.

2.0 Definitions and Understanding the Budgeting System

      Budgeting system is planning expectation of financial performance in achieving cash flow balancing. Budget may also be known as financial planning to the organization in assist finance manager to achieve cash flow management. Board and management used to analysis the stability and availability of organization’s financial situation thru budgeting system to decide to for future direction in term of expansion or investment.

      Budgeting is a key role of financial actions plan and management for most of organization and company in today’s business world because it work as part of management control process again assuring of which alignment of resources obtained is used effectively and efficiently to complying the objective of organization. Therefore, budgeting process in consultation with budget committee and most...