Corporate Governance Within an Expanding Small Business

Corporate governance within an expanding small business
Assignment Topic
Option 1. Conduct a review of the governance of your organisation (or one with which you are familiar) in the form of a report to the Chairman (or President) of the Governing Board of Directors. In the brief report use the concepts, tools and techniques learned in this subject to review the structure, process and effectiveness of the governance of the organisation and to make recommendations for appropriate improvements.
The report should include:
A) An outline of, and brief discussion of the importance of, the bases or criteria for the review of the organisation’s governance (e.g., refer to which standards or guiding principles are relevant for the review) and why you need to use them.
B) A brief critical review of the relevance of concepts, principles, standards or other tools and techniques learnt during this subject, in conducting your review.
C) A list of recommendations for suggested improvement based on your review
Word Count
From the start of the Introduction to the end of the Conclusion section: 2590 words
Throughout XXX XXX Victoria’s steady growth from 3 employees in 1989, to 20 employees in 2007 and currently 85 employees in 2014 the governance and management of the company has expanded beyond the decisions of the Managing Director to include the appointment of an Operations Manager in 2010 and a General Manger in 2012. Operating within an industry, audio-visual communication and integration services, that’s seen rapid growth and is expected to continue to expand into the future (Temm, J 2014) and with it the number of rival companies competing for contracts, it has become important for XXX XXX to distinguish itself amongst its peers and rivals; a formalised governance policy should assist in ensuring the growth of the company is achieved in an ethical and quantifiable manner.
Within this report to the Managing Director I will evaluate the relevant...