Small Business Opportunities


Principles of Federal Acquisition
February 2013

When dealing with the federal government, there are many fine points throughout the negotiating process a small business owner must remember.   While the government seeks to encourage the growth and offer opportunities to the American small business, it also looks to find the best result possible at the lowest cost.   Sometimes this may mean that the negotiation process steps into multiple categories of prospective contracts.   Not only is each type of contract reviewed, but the price and negotiation of products and materials, in addition to the necessary timeframe, may also be included.   In this, it is important for the small business owner to remain flexible, yet firm, when negotiating each aspect of any prospective contract involving, not only the federal government, but any contract litigation.   It is vital that the small business owner keep in mind that while they’re aiming their end of the negotiation process to result in the highest profit, the other party is negotiating for the best deal at the lowest cost.   With the federal government, the small business owner is given an ‘even playing field’ from the beginning of the negotiation of a contract.   This often includes bidding, time and materials, and purchasing methods.   When entering into contract negotiations with the government, small business owners must offer the most reasonable and appropriate contract and incentives that will prove to not only be most profitable for their business, but will offer the federal government the most successful avenues necessary for time and cost-efficient project completion.
  The acquisition of the correct contract type isn’t always clear-cut.   With the presence of so many types of contracts, determining the most successful avenue for any procurement is necessary.   As Memorandum for Acquisition...