Coop Unsw Application

Co-op Application
Q: What is it that most attracts you to the UNSW Co-op Program and the academic field(s) that you have chosen? (750)
Q: Why should you be selected as a UNSW Co-op Program Scholar? Describe the personal qualities and values that differentiate you and that you would bring to the UNSW Co-op Program. (1000)
Q: What sort of graduate position do you imagine yourself in after University? (1000)
Q: Describe an achievement in the workplace and/or designing, building, programming or creating something. Your example might relate to recent work experience, a part time job or a major non-school based project you have undertaken. You might choose to highlight your creativity; the ability to see alternatives; come up with many varied or original ideas; or willingness to try/learn new things. (1250)
Q: Select one or two activities from either list in Question 1 and tell us the most important things you gained or learned from these activities. Do not just provide a list of dot points. (1000)
Q: What do you regard as your key strengths and areas for improvement? (1000)
Q: Tell us about a situation where you were effective as a leader and/or as a team player. e.g. Describe how you significantly influenced others, or contributed to the effective operation/successful outcome of a situation or team. (1000)
Q: Drawing on your experience or involvement in a part-time job, community or school activity, describe how you overcame a challenging situation and what you learnt from the experience. (1000)