Coomunication Development

Communication Development of a child from birth – 19 years of age.
      Communication development of 6 months old:
    • Babbles and coos
    • Babbles consist of short sounds e.g. 'da da, ma ma'
    • Laughs, chuckles and squeals
    • Cries to show distress
    • Begin to understand emotion in parent or carer's voice
    • Begin to enjoy music and rhymes accompanied by actions
              Communication development of 1 year old:
    • Babbling becomes more tuneful and inventive
    • Strings vowels and consonants together to make repetitive sounds
    • Use gestures to ask for things
    • Enjoy games e.g peek-a-boo
    • Understand more than they can say
    • Begin to respond to simple instructions e.g 'come here', 'clap your hands'.
                    Communication development of 2 year old:
    • Quickly learns new words
    • Use plurals e.g. 'dogs'
    • Makes errors e.g. 'drawed', 'sheeps'
    • Starts to use negatives e.g. 'there no cats'
    • Both active and passive vocabularies continue to increase
    • Sentences become longer although they tend to be in telegraphic speech
    • Questions are asked frequently, What? And Why?
                    Communication development of 3 year old:
    • Speech is understood by strangers
    • Sentences contain four or more words
    • Imitates adult speech patterns accurately
    • Knows and understands nursery rhymes
    • Enjoys asking questions
    • Talk to themselves during play
    • Pronouns are usually used correctly
    • Rhymes and melody are attractive
              Communication development of 4 year old:
    • Vocabulary is now extensive
    • Longer and more complex sentences are used
    • Are able to narrate long stories including sequence of events
    • Play involves running commentaries
    • Can use language to share, take turns, argue, collaborate etc.
    • Begin to describe how other people feel
    • Questioning is at its peak
    • Speech is...