Conveyor Belt Off Phenomenon and Hazard Analysis

belt conveyors used in coal mining and coal production work, known as the coal production of 'choke points raymond mill.' Once there is an accident, it will bring huge economic losses to the mining. Therefore, to ensure the normal operation of the belt conveyor is particularly important, and unforeseen circumstances such conveyor is the most prone to broken belt.

in this mechanical expert to analyze your break with a reason

1) conveyor own quality standards, can not function properly; failure

2) conveyor joint quality;

3) transport and operation , the material flows into the lower conveyor belt, it did not discover process; when

4) conveyor start stress is too large; when

5) transportation of materials, belt run.

off conveyor belt, the tape will naturally decline, while conveying the opportunity to appear reversal. If the material is being loaded appear off the conveyor belt is running, then the tape will slide up and down at the bottom of the roadway, the joint carrier material will tail buried together, but also a lot of damage to the device itself, blocking the roadway. In addition, the tape will be swinging erratically when falling on the conveyor belt itself cause irreversible damage, in this process, the side tubes, roller and other components will be damaged to varying degrees. The most serious situation is out of control of the belt will damage around the cable, pipe coverings, etc. Raymond Mill, by breaking circuit and the entire production line, or fire, seriously outdated endanger personal safety, causing serious damage to the production.

therefore, we should be cautious in the selection of the conveyor, a good grasp of quality. Henan Production Ltd. specializes in the production of mining equipment for more than twenty years, with the domestic advanced production process and equipment, and the strength of the team of experts. Always firmly believed that the commitment is greater than life, integrity than days, the...