Handle the Maintenance of Bucket Hoist Conveyor

Bucket elevator is the device which is used to vertically lift the limestone, coal, gypsum, clinker, dry clay that have been crushed and other granular material, raw material, cement, braize and other powdered materials. Various kinds of bucket elevators, conveyor belt machine, vibrating feeders and other conveying equipment have been launched on the market and usher in new development of conveyor equipment.

The bucket hoist conveyor hoists the material from the nether storage to the top along with the conveyor belt. After bypassing the top wheel it turns downward, and the bucket elevator dumped the material into the tank. It has many advantages, such as: Machine aesthetic appearance, small volume, low power consumption, large conveying capacity.

The maintenance of bucket hoist conveyor is in the following:

1. bucket elevator maintenance and maintenance to prolong the service life of equipment, ensure the normal operation, dealing with fasteners hopper, etc on a regular basis for inspection, found that the wear or deformation mechanism and shall repair or replace immediately, and keep the bearing has good lubrication.

2. When the end of the season or change their crop varieties, should clean up the machine, open the door of the stand cleaning, sort out the remaining material, and then start the machine 5-10 minutes after downtime, will clean up after cleaning door plug in.

3. Check the winnowing pan, if there is any breakage or crack, it should be replaced in a timely manner.

4. After the operation, chain, bearing slogans must lubrication and maintenance, to prevent rust.

5. Each class shall inspect the technical status of the machine before operation.

6. In the process of operation, bearing, chain lubrication on a regular basis.

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