Contribution of Technology in Assessment

Unit 1
Explain the contribution that technology can make to the assessment process
There are advantages in the use of technology for assessment, these include;
  * More frequent formative and summative assessment
  * Assessors can be alerted sooner to adapt assessment methods
  * Can spend less time marking
  * Self-assessment; in the students ‘own time’ at their pace when they are ready
  * Increased student confidence
  * Students like rapid results
Technology can be important in the assessment of transferable skills, and can be used to promote collaborative assessments shared between more than one subject area.
Technology can make it easier for assessors to monitor and track learner progress e.g.   (through the recording of student’s activities) and to tailor assessments to individual student’s needs.
Technology can play a role in supporting assessment (measurement) of knowledge, skills and attitudes and the interpretation of assessment data.   Assessment has to be valid and actually sample the knowledge, skills and attitudes that students are expected to develop through the course that are required in professional practice.   It is also important that the assessment data can be used to support learning not just to certify achievement.   Technology offers great promise in both these areas: it can help increase the validity of assessment tasks; it can help develop students understanding and it can help support the development of meta-cognitive capabilities important for the transfer of learning to new problems and contexts.
Technology can help assessors present and construct assessment tasks, make valid judgements of the student progress in learning, facilitate the provision of feedback and the support the production and delivery of marks.
Technology can enable students to submit assignments electronically and allows assessors to email feedback resulting in faster results also being cost effective and using time effectively.
Technology allows...