Contribute to the Support of Child and Young Person Development

3.1 Describe the different transitions children and young people may experience.
One transition a child might experience is starting a nursery for the first time. This can cause many changes in the child’s behaviour such as different eating habits and a change in sleeping patterns. This could happen because the child is in an unusual setting with new people and doesn’t have a bond with anyone there. This could be an upsetting experience for the child as they could be experiencing emotions such as loneliness.
Starting school is a familiar experience for the child, they could be very excited about starting school but some children might not be as willing to go to school. Both of these emotions are to be expected as starting school is a big change in their daily routine. The child will have to learn a whole new routine from being at a nursery or at home. The child could become quite shy which could be a shock if the child is usually quite good with meeting new people. This is normal as a new environment can cause many changes to the child’s behaviour. The school might offer the child a chance to meet their new teacher, whether that be the teacher coming into the nursery setting or the child comes into the school. This could help the child settle into the new setting as the teacher will be seen as a friendly face.
Another transition a child might experience is moving house. This could upset the child quite a lot depending on how far the move is. If the move is close enough that the child could keep going to the same school and keep close with their friends then the transition could be minimised. The child could be excited for a new house because they get a new room. However, if the move is quite far away the child could be less willing to move. They would be losing a lot in this move and unable to see the fun they could have in the new house. The child could also be feeling resentment towards the family if the child has to move because of a new house or a new...