Assignment 1B – contra-indications

|Name/picture of contra-indication         |Type of infection             |Description                         |Contra-indicated or not   |Advice given to client     |
|Warts and verruca                         |Viral                         |A hard, raised cauliflower looking   |Prevents as they are very |Can disappear in 2 years   |
|                                           |infection                     |growth on the skin                   |contagious                 |or over the counter       |
|                                           |                             |                                     |                           |treatments                 |
|Cold sores                                 |Viral infection               |A red patch that develops blisters, |Prevents as contagious so |Over the counter           |
|                                           |                             |this turns into a crusty patch       |avoid touching that area   |treatments available       |
|Psoriasis                                 |Skin disorder                 |Skin cells are produced rapidly and |Not contra-indicated as   |Recommend relaxing         |
|                                           |                             |build up on the skins surface.       |it’s not contagious. Avoid|treatments to reduce       |
|                                           |                             |Itchy, scaly patches with a white   |area to prevent irritation|stress. Advised to see GP |
|                                           |                             |surface.                             |                           |                           |
|Skin tags                                 |Skin disorder                 |Small skin extensions of loose       |Not contra-indicated.     |Advise to see GP           |
|                                           |                             |tissue. Some are caused by surface   |Avoid...