Contra Indications (Beauty Level 3)

Contraindication that restrict treatments from being carried out

305 MASSAGE | 306 FACE ELEC | 307 BODY ELEC | Aroma 309 | Stone therapy |
Sunburn on the face. It would be best to advice   the client to use a after sun and avoid the area | Cuts on the face would restrict the treatment but you could put Vaseline and void this area | Eczema as currents from the machine can cause irritation to the skin even the pad | Pregnancy – it would not be ethical to apply massage around the abdomen area if a client confirms they are pregnant. | Sunburn – application of hot stones could cause the client discomfort and pain. Areas affected should be avoided |
Varicose veins   avoid the area as massage would worsen the condition and cause discomfort | Bruising - cover with Vaseline and avoid the area | Metal pins or plates on the body areas must be avoid so as not to cause discomfort to the client | IPL / Laser hair removal can sometimes make the skin more sensitive to treatment oils. | Cuts / Abrasions – treatment could worsen the wound and   cause the client discomfort |
.Damaged muscles: ie a sprain which needs to be avoided as treatment could   worsens the sprain | Scar Tissue -   try to ensure that it is older than six weeks and work around the area | Implanted electronic devices e.g. pace maker – area should be avoided as currents could impact the mechanism of the pacemaker | Piercings – you may catch the piercing during the treatment and cause the client harm/discomfort | Piercings – Could restrict the treatment being carried out correctly and stones should not be applied on top of piercings |
Broken Bone -   Avoid as this would case the client pain and discomfort | Sunburn   on the face adive the client to use a aftersun and avoid the area | Sunburn on the body could become irritated with treatment and cause client discomfort. | Bruises – treatment could be uncomfortable if applied over a bruised area | Eczema – could become irritated with the application of hot stones...