Planning Stage Graded Unit

Date: 9.3.2015
I obtained two numbers of potential clients from my lecturer. On my lunch break I tried to call both numbers but no answer so I left a message on the answer machine letting them know the reason for the call and that I would give them a call back later. I tried both clients later that day but still no answer.
Date 10.3.2015
During my morning class my client asked me about the spa day and said she would be interested in being a client, I told her to leave it with me and I would check with my lecturer, I asked her for her phone number so I could let her know. I checked with my lecturer during my break and she said that would be fine as I couldn’t get hold of any of the clients I had been given. I tried again to call the clients I had been given as I needed one more, this time she answered but was unable to make the spa day. I tried the second number but there was still no answer. I went to inform my lecturer that I was unable get another client and as she was in a class at the time which was carrying out treatments she was able to ask her clients if they were interested in a spa day. One of the clients was interested and agreed for me to carry out a consultation. When I finished I gave the client I mentioned earlier a call to let her know that she was able to attend the spa day. I arranged to meet her later in the week for a consultation.
I had arranged with my client to carry out her consultation at lunch time as this was the only suitable time for her to attend.

Client 1
Identify a relevant treatment package to meet client individual client requirements
Consultation 10.3.2015
As I was unable to obtain any clients for the planned consultation date I had to plan alternative arrangements to carry out the consultations. My first client I managed to get because I informed my assessor that I had been unable to get in touch with the clients she had provided me with, she was with another class at the time who had external...