Construct and Support Argument

Construct and Support Argument-MBA Decision
Michelle L. Jackson
University of Phoenix
Lester Reams JD, DPA
July 25, 2010

Construct and Support Argument-MBA Decision
      Communication is a vital component in your professional and personal lives. People have various means to communicate to one another.   Communication begins with one person as the sender and the other person is the receiver.   In order for communication to properly begin, a purpose, expressed as a message conveyed is needed.   It passes between a sender and a receiver (Robbins, Judge, 2007, p. 369).   Insight and understanding how the audience perceives it, is information that can help us to create our message in a way that will be easily understood by the audience.
      In this paper I will discuss how the decision to pursue an MBA degree was made and what the results of the Jungian Personality self-assessment indicated.
      May 19th of 2010 I completed my degree in BSB/M.   As an employee of University of Phoenix I counsel many students to help them determine what plans his or her degree can help in current or future jobs, and if pursuing an MBA is an option.   I know found myself faced with the same challenge.   I had been going strong without any extended breaks in my undergrad program and was a little tired of being a student.   However, I knew if I wished to maintain a competitive edge in the job market an MBA was a must!   To move to the next level in my organization or any organization securing an MBA would allow me flexibility and negotiating power for salary.
      As I began to develop a career plan, personal growth assessment, and goals I decided to avoid a lengthy break but resume going to school.   Time was not on my side, as a middle-age, African American woman acquiring an MBA could provide me the opportunity to secure a position that would provide me with the financial freedom in our hostile economy.   I have the experience in counseling students, the drive, and...