Construct and Support an Argument
University of Phoenix
Julio R. Veliz
MGT 521
November 12, 2009
Dr. Neil Richards

Construct and Support an Argument
Pursuing higher education is high valued, to those who see the immense opportunities that are achieved by pursuing an MBA. At the same time it is a commitment for 1 ½ years and up to 2 years; a commitment that cannot be broken. We are all sold on all the benefits of an MBA degree has to offer, but when is the right time? Now or late, I pondered on the query quite a bit; the only logical and rational thought that can to mind, there is no time like that present. Convincing me to continue a higher education was quite effortless. I choose to pursue an MBA expecting generally to open a new array of career opportunity, which I would not have had if I stayed where I am today. What is the sense in waiting to pursue an MBA if we know that having an MBA will open doors in plentiful ways. I am reminded of a famous or not so famous quote given by our 35th President, “Our progress as a nation can be no swifter than our progress in education; the human mind is our fundamental resource.” (John F. Kennedy). As an avid reader I can truthfully said that, I have never read or seen this quote before, until I was writing this essay. The reasons for my continuum of higher education;   Open a new career path, personal goal, expect salary increase( even if none is given) and to provide my family with the satisfaction of being an educated and at that a very well educated son, husband, father, brother and friend. The pursuit of higher education will teach me to shape my future further and into a solid future; to gain personal satisfaction knowing that I am quite capable and equipped of becoming the next leader of the free world. Therefore, the pursuit of an MBA is the fundamental stepping-stone with will propel my future, my goals and my ultimate achievements into more secure outlook.

Thompson, Edmund R.; Gui, Qin....