Conflict Management

Time Management

Unfortunately, hurdles sometimes rise when students attempt to use time effectively. Whether planning time to complete school assignments or allotting time to complete tasks at work, you may wonder if there will ever be enough time in the day. That being the case, the ability to effectively manage your time is a critical skill for both professional and academic success.

Challenges to Time Management

    Time demands—Commitments related to work, family, and school means that everyone has to do more in less time.

    Information explosion—Cost-effective technology has inundated everyone with easily accessible information in the workplace, in the home, and in school. Although there are many advantages to having adequate information prior to making important decisions, too much information can cause analysis paralysis and interfere with our ability to get things done.

    Increase in the speed of operations—Technology has increased the speed at which everything is done, and rapid responses are no longer just nice, they are expected.

    Influence of other people—Time is also difficult to manage because it is influenced by other people. Co-workers, supervisors, family, and friends may all have conflicting ideas, goals, and objectives that can steal a person’s time.

Strategies for Improving Time Management

    Prioritize tasks and create a time-management plan.
        Create a task list
        List every task that needs to be done—be sure to include routine tasks and family time.

    Delegate what can be delegated.
        Examine each task. If it is not your responsibility, give it to someone else.
        If the task is your responsibility, can someone else do it?

    Eliminate what can be eliminated—If you are spending 15 minutes a day waiting in line at your favorite coffee shop, this may be an opportunity to change this pattern. Save some time by making the coffee at home or grabbing it at the office. Enjoy...