CONFIDENTIALITY   -   (Presentation)

I have designed a poster to help my tenants understand about Confidentiality and I have laid it on the table for you all to have a look.

When we say “confidentiality” many people just think of the conversation they have with mates or vice-a-versa.

Well its much more then that! Confidentiality is a term that indicates preserving the privacy of the person in which you support; this will mean that all information, written or spoken, will be kept in strict confidence.
It is very important right for all people from any age, any career, and any ethnic or economic background.

As I work within the social care sector, supporting adults with learning disabilities, I am basing my presentation on this sector.

It is vital that any information we come into contact with either written or spoken, we need to understand it is our legal responsibility to protect and safeguard the confidentiality of all such information.   Information which is regarded as confidentiality includes:
· The care, treatment, or condition of the tenant.
· Any information about family, friends, or financial matters.
· Any names/occupation of professional people working with the tenants outside of corner house.

As support workers you should always ask an individual first if it is ok to let other people know things, it is wrong even to pass on details about age, sex, where they go during the day, etc. without prior permission.
If information has been given without their permission then this is classed as disclosure/breaching confidentiality. This could have negative consequences on the individual/staff, disclosure/breaching of confidential information is inappropriate and non-professional, and disciplinary actions may follow, it can also destroy the relationship between tenants and staff, bring harm to the tenant, the breaching of information can be as simple as mentioning they do their banking on a certain day and they will have X amount of...