How to Save the Consumption of Sand Rotary Dryer?

Sand rotary dryer is a drying machine to process a large amount of materials. Because of the features like reliable functioning, flexible operation, strong adaptability and high yield, it is widely used in cement, metallurgy, food, chemistry, coal and medicine industry. The sand dryer machine has the advantage of large capacity, wide applicable range, small flow resistance, easy to operate, etc. Many people do not know how to correctly use the sand dryer machine, Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd will teach you how to use the sand rotary dryer correctly.

For rotary sand dryer, after drying for a long time, there will be a part of the water vapor rise from the chimneys, the other part will stay inside the chimney, and may cause rust for the chimney. In order to lengthen the service life of the chimney, we have to do rust removal after a period time.

The cooling water used in the cooling system of sand dryer, usually included various kinds of salts. After the concentration of salts reach to saturation condition, it will separate out from the water, and deposit in the internal surface of cooling system. The deposition velocity depends on the hardness of water and working temperature. The larger the hardness of water, the faster the deposition velocity of scale, the higher the temperature, the more fastness of scale combined in the internal surface of cooling system. The formation of scale, reduces the sectional area of water pipe and the turnover of cooling water, which will make heat-conducting property of scale become poor and lead the work system occurring the overheating phenomenon, finally will worse the lubricating condition and increase the carbon deposition and increase the consumption. Therefore, we need to clean the scale of cooling system of sand dryer machine.

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