Coms 101

Reading Analysis 2
                Lakeshia Ramsey

In my opinion I believe that the poem is speaking to someone about their inner self through the Holy Spirit. When I read this poem it took me back to a place where I was letting the world be my guidance I was blocking the lord from using me to influences others. When I begin to seek him and let him use me in a mighty way I begin to see things clearer, so with that being said I would only settle with the fact that this poem is theocentric thinking. If I could pick truth standards that are in the textbook I would have to go with pragmatic truth belief because this belief means to be truthful and this standard holds the fork that if a person believes it and it works out that person then that’s all that should matter. In the bible it says that we are in the world but not of the world.

Chapter 4

When it comes to the wording of these two very similar creeds it begs for you to communicate with God. When I read these passages it’s like they are pleading for you to open up and talk to him to have a personal relationship with our lord and savior. They plea to let him in and let him have his way. He will see your faults and still answer your prayers! He is no Respectable person In Appendix 1 Nicene Creed talks about the lord speaking through a prophet. This is so true because see God is a spirit and sometimes he sends signs through other people to get his word across; this goes to say that we have to seek him in order to understand. Just reading from these 2 authors God is awesome and he really shows up and shows out through people. The Bible speaks for itself although so many people were blessed not all seen him but they believed and they just open up and talk to him. All it takes is communication!

Chapter 5

Groups are very important we are included in group’s every day.   Groups are important scientifically because this is how scientists study the human body and sometimes it’s better in groups that...