Computers Distracting Students

As we know technology is everywhere in our lives especially in education. While teaching a lesson, teacher apply to many technological tools like computers.   Their purpose by using cmputers is to relay the subject properly and effectively to students. But as we think from the point of students, they can be effected negatively from them whether involuntarily or not. The use of computers in classroom distract students in lessons.
One reason is that computer distract students motivation. Many students can lose motivation quicker while listening what teacher says. They are affected from the sounds of clicking keybord or Mouse, computer case making sometimes strange noices, speaker when used too much. They are also affected by what other computer users are doing. As we are very curious a part of our ages, we wonder what next to us is doing in computer. That may be about something that we are interested in like a femous person, games pictures, videos etc. Some people also can experince uneasiness in computer using. While following some instructions in lessons, on may lose to follow. To catch the instruction again, they need to look their friends surrounding or skip the phases they must attend. This lead them to lose motivation for the subject in lessons. Student are taking the easy way out while following the subect. As all information can be reached in computers, students don’t use their creavitiy on replying the questions or attending activities. They would rather prefer ready information.
Another reason is that computers distract students from homework. As computers have many opportunities, students can sometimes do things that are not related to the lesson. This hinders them from getting focused on homeworks. In one way students may be reckless or unwilling because they think computers are more enjoyable and cool. They are usuallay caught up in outher world and spend their time touring in social sites like Facebook and Twitter,...