Borrowings Play an Important Role in Developing a Language

Topic: Borrowings play an important role in developing a language

Language is certainly something which is often widely discussed as one of many aspects of today`s emerging world. Not only economy or technology evolves, but language simultaneously does as well. Issues like worldwide travelling, mixing cultures, and what`s more, media ‘squeeze’ our world to a global village, where language as a mean of communication is evitable subjected to many changes. Finding new and easier ways of contacts between human beings, our language is likely to make progress, in which borrowings play an important role as factors of its developing.
To begin with, it is commonly known that one distinctive aspect of language is its tendency to absorb foreign words. People not only have adopted expressions from many languages, but also adapted them   for their own usage. This process has not been finished yet, as though nowadays the language is still undergoing various changes.
Secondly, as far as new words are concerned, neologisms` appearance can be discussed as a consequence of   growing world, which being borrowings, have a tremendous impact on developing our language. What`s more, these make our communication easier as we become more comprehensible in our society as well as outside our borders.
On the other hand, many people claim that borrowings not necessarily have a considerable influence on emerging a language. Such terms like acronyms, which distinguished in the virtual world of cyberspace, appear to be the main reason for shortening our language. Furthermore, they make it deficient in structures and words, depriving of its variety,   and finally not really stimulates its developing.
In addition, more people would agree that borrowings like emoticons for instance, often used by young generation in written language, not only have an inclination to shorten our language, but also to make it more informal, which in some circumstances might be consider as a decay in social...