Computers: a Boon or Bane

90% of kids from 10 to 16 y.o. in USA spending around 20 hours a week playing computer games. This number just a little differ in Europe, Canada and Australia, where the level of economy is high than in South America and Africa for example. So we can claim that computer games are definitely influence on kid’s psyche, mentality and nervous system. And these kids are our future!

Buying computer every parent hopes that this advantage of high technologies will help a kid to develop good personal qualities, broaden mental outlook and finally to be well educated. Instead many youngsters prefer to play video games or online games in Internet! This point has both negative and positive sides, tough nowadays you cannot avoid the question: computer games are boon or bane?

First, let’s review negative aspects of video and online games. Virtual violence in these games may make kids more aggressive in real life. So experts do not suggest to play a kind of game where hunting down and killing people is the goal. Previous researches showed that after playing violence games for 3 months and more, behavior of kids is becoming more aggressive! So, dear parents, you definitely have to supervise what your child is playing on his computer. Otherwise there may be negative results, kid may start thinking that to kill, hit and kick other people is OK. We’ve heard a lot about kids where killing other kids. But not just online games are full of violence but TV and other media!

Though not taking into account “violent games” there are a few positive aspects we want to review. According to the recent research kids play online games regularly have better reaction time, visual activity and dexterity than kids who do not play games on computer. Games help children to identify things in a faster way, to develop skills in sport and business. The important feature of online games is sociability. I mean, being in USA kid communicate making friends with a kid from Japan or Europe. It heightens...