Modern day gadgets boon or bane for children?
Kind Attention all parents having small kids!

I humbly admit that the present generation IQ is far superior than previous generations. Especially the kids below 10 years exhibit tremendous abilities in terms of handling the modern days gadgets. Even though parents may feel proud about their children being able to navigate/play with these equipments viz., mobiles, laptops, Playstations, DVD' players, desktops etc., there is a dangerous impact in terms of their mental and physical growth.

Take for example, the modern day television, thanks to Mr.J.L.Baird who has invented the idiot box and brought a revolution in terms of technology. it has its impact on all ages and genders. The never ending soap operas and the reality(unreal) shows are keeping the audiences hooked to TV's day and night. More than 200+ channels running round the clock has changed the life of a common man especially the present generation kids.

For a kid below 2 years, the doctors do not advise watching the television due to its effect on the growing brain and the tender eyes. Even for those above that age, it is not recommended to view not more than 2 hours a day. Children get easily influenced by the programs they watch. According to a recent survey, Children who are watching too much of TV had a tendency to sleep late and wake up late. They bend towards poor memory power, difficult to retain what is taught in their classes.

Now that there are so many gadgets available,children prefer to stay indoors and watch TV or play computer games or play stations, hardly end up with any physical exercise making them gain too much weight and even getting obese. It happened with my own kids glued to the TV's since we were busy in our jobs and children were left alone at home lead to early age spectacles. The resolution of TV screen and computer is so high that it impacts the vision in the longer run.

The ad campaign on Televisions has immense impact...