Compare and Contrast Person-Centred and Psycodynamic Approaches to Councelling

Toni Smith
D171 TMA 01
Compare and contrast the different ways person-centred and psychodynamic approaches to counselling understand and make use of counselling relationship

In this essay I will compare and contrast person-centred counselling and psychodynamic counselling and how the relationship between counsellor and client works in both theories. I will do this by explaining what person-centred counselling means to me than what psychodynamic counselling means to me , then I will compare the two then I will contrast the two, I will go on to explain the different types of relationships the counsellor and the client have and I will finishes of by summarizing what I have written.
The person-centred approach was developed by psychologist Dr Carl Rogers (1902-1987) who proposed new humanistic ideas for counselling.*
In my view person-centred counselling is that the counsellor creates a safe, calm environment where the client doesn’t feel threatened physically or psychologically the counsellor sits on the same level as the client with no desk or anything in-between they don’t want to come across or appear to be a figure of authority. The counsellor will have a good understanding of themselves they will be honest and open and not hide behind a mask, they completely accept everything about the client they will not judge and they will give the client the respect they deserve.
Person-centred counsellors believe that there clients have the answers inside of themselves they can identify their feelings and find out what’s going on for them with help, guidance and encouragement from the counsellors they work towards changing   the way the   client perceives themselves. Its also not just about the past it is also about looking towards a positive future.
In person-centred therapy there are three core prinables whice are empathy, unconditanal positive regards and congruence.
Psychodynamic therapy takes as its roots the work of Freud (who most have heard of)...