Comparative Politics

1) When compared to Germany and Russia, Britain’s political development was far more gradual and far less violent. Offer your own explanation of that outcome by analyzing and comparing the three nations.

Nations rise out of the ashes of their traditional pasts primarily because institutions have developed which enabled them to absorb the political participation that has emerged from their political and economic assent. Three European countries developed into modern nation states and followed this path of assent, yet took different paths to development. Britain, Germany and Russian all developed into modern nation states, yet they developed in far different ways.
The earliest country to develop was Britain. Its development was far more gradual and less violent then the other two nations. Central to the development of Britain was the industrial revolution. The industrial revolution transformed England from a backwards agrarian society, to a mechanized society that created a working class group. As the industrial revolution gained momentum in England it also created mass movement of people from farms to cities and with it came a population explosion.
Germany was much different in how they chose to operate their country from the very beginning.   Germany did have monarchies, but their monarchies refused any type of parliamentary system. It was not until 1871 that a united Germany was proclaimed, and even then virtually all of the power was in the hands of one person. This trend continued right up until 1919 when at that point, a democratic constitution was put in place. This lasted only fourteen years before citizens were becoming increasingly unhappy with this system. In 1932, Adolf Hitler came into power and Germany was changed forever. World War two brought about much violence that Germany is still paying for in a lot of ways even today.
Russia was much similar in how their history played out to Germany than to Britain. Russia had very large...