Majoritian System and the Impacts on the African Political Power

Politics play vital role in the state’s affair and for people to take positions of running the state’s affair. The political system of the world has device mechanisms on how those persons can take a role in the state’s issues, through electoral systems. For instance in Africa, the southern part of it. Each country that was once a colony of the British Empire has adopted a colonialist system even after gaining their independence. This essay will give a definition of an electoral system according to certain scholars in the political arena.
An electoral or voting system is the method used to calculate the number of elected positions in government that individuals and parties are awarded after elections. It is the way that votes are translated into seats in parliament or other areas of the government such as the presidency (King, 2000). There are many electoral systems used around the world and within individual countries like the first past the post and the majoritarian (also termed as 50+1) system etc. which in this case will be discussed in this essay so as to ascertain which system suits best for Zambia.
A majoritarian voting system is an electoral method which gives the right to appoint all the representatives to the majority of the electors, denying representation to all minorities. Historically the first electoral method to be used, it was later progressively modified or eliminated, due to its perceived non-democratic effects. The Majoritarian system, which is also known the Inter-Parliamentary Union. Is one of the oldest electoral system in the world, dating back at least to the 15thcentury, and also the simplest? This category can be subdivided into those requiring candidates to win a plurality, or an absolute majority (50+ percent) of votes to be elected, is one of the features of this system. Its prime concern is with the creation of effective government. These are usually single member ridings and can either be by preferential ballot or multiple rounds of...