Comparative Perspective Inclusive Education Uk and Austria

This assignment will take a critical look at the provision of compulsory education for children with intellectual disabilities in Austria. It will give a brief overview of the country, its legislative process, welfare provision and history of the education system and compare this to England. It will then look at education for all children paying specific attention to the provision of inclusive education for children with intellectual disabilities, including how Austria’s government plans to implement the changes required by the ratification of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Disabled Persons (UNCRPD) (2006), Article 24, which states that:

          ‘States Parties shall ensure an inclusive education system at all levels

          Effective individualized support measures are provided in environments that maximize academic and social development, consistent with the goal of full inclusion’.
          (UNCRPD, 2009)

Austria ratified the convention as a whole on 26th September 2008.

With a general election due in England this year, both major political parties have chosen to make education one of their main campaign priorities (Baker, 2009, Telegraph, 2010). The present government has provided policy and legislation in favor of inclusive education over the past twelve years in office (DfES 2001a, DfES 2001b, and DfES 2004). In contrast, the major opposition party has promised to...
          ’..put a stop to special school closures straight away’
          (David Cameron, 2009)
In addition, according to Shepherd (2009), the next potential Prime Minister will challenge...
          ‘..the policy of inclusion’
          (Shepherd, 2009)
Austria has had a history of treating people with intellectual disabilities negatively (Beller, 2009, Rees, 2005, Neugebauer, 1990). However, David Cameron has also identified Austria as a country that England could learn from regarding the provision of services for children with disabilities and...