Are You A Good Communicator?

Latonya Grays


November 29, 2013
Brandi Meriwether

Are You A Good Communicator?

      Interpersonal communication and relationships are important in any health care industry.   Effective communication is an essential key in the health care industry.   “Five topic areas of problem-oriented interpersonal health communication research demonstrate this important role: lack of patient compliance, miscommunication and misinformation, insensitivity, unrealistic and unfulfilled expectations, and dissatisfaction”, (Kreps, Gary L., 1985).   Communicating effective can help for each person to build a solid relationship that will result in improved patient care and outcomes.   Effective communication helps to build a trusting and open relationship with one another.   “Regardless of the type of relationship, however, communication is a key element to ensure interpersonal satisfaction”, (Cheesebro, O’Connor & Rios, 2010, p.132).   Being able to communicate effectively can help any health care industry avoid miscommunication with one another and help aid in receiving and sharing information better.   It can help each other to avoid the negative effects of conflict and confusion amongst each other.   It can help one to work as a team by enhancing relationships, and by having a positive overall effect on the working environment.   It is also important to have effective communication and interpersonal relations in the health care industry because you are interacting with multiple people.

Supportive and Defensive Relationships
      The relationship between communication and communication climates was studied by Jack Gibb (1961, 1964, and 1970).   He began by mooting that with some people we feel disconfirmed and on guard, so we are unlikely to communicate openly with people which are defensive climates.   Other people we feel supported and confirmed, so we are likely to communicate freely with them which are supportive climates....