Communication Collaberation

COMMUNICATION AND COLLABERATION                           4
Comunication and Collaberation
Danny mathern
December 18, 2009

Comunication and Collaberation

  This paper will discuss different types of learning styles, personalities types and stratagies for communication   between them.Three examples of learning styles are interpersonal, logical mathmatical, and bodily kinesthetic etc. People who have a interpersonal learning style or intelligence are good at working in groups creating relationships and seeing other peoples prespectives.Logical or mathmatical thinkers may be good at logical resoning and problem solving. Bodily kinesthetic people may be good with there hands and learn best when they can learn hands on. Examples of different personality types are organizers, analizers, givers and controllers.When people work together in collaboration with differnt learning styles and personalities they need to be mindful that what works for them may not work for another.For example Danny with a Logical learning style   has no problem sitting in class listen to instuctor lecture on and on for hours but Latoya who is more bodily kinesthetic wants to be somewhere else after five minutes or so. So how are they going to work together?           
Comunicate and Collaborate

Working together with different learning styles. Definetly conversing and getting to know team members will help inform you of thier personality type, values, and strengths.Based on my own Pathways to Learning Assessment that came from Keys to Collage Studying Chapter two and based on Professor Howard Gardener's multiple intelligences theory. I learned that my weaknesses are in verbal linguistic, and visual spatial   intelligences and my   strengths are more in naturalistic ones. Also by assessing my personality with the personality spectrum in Keys to Collage Studying chapter two based on the Myers-Briggs Type inventory. I scored highest on a thinker type personality. By...