Assignment 1 - Communication

I currently work as a volunteer assistant at St George and St Martins Primary school. Mainly I am involved in helping the keystage 1 children by providing support with reading and writing on an individual or small group basis. At keystage 1 the children need help in gaining basic literacy and numeric skills. I am usually responsible for listening to the children read and reporting back to the teacher any issues that arise. I also help the teacher by putting out equipment at the start of the lesson and tidying away afterwards. Therefore I have to be able to communicate effectively with both the children and the teacher. It may also be necessary to communicate well with other mentors in the school, or parents, or other professional parties that come into the school to support pupils.
It is important to estabilish respectful, professional relationships with all the members of staff and within the school community because we need to act as role models to the pupils. For example, to keep a level of professionalism in the school I would always address an adult by using their title. I would always treat others with respect and courtesy. By showing kindness and being polite. Conveying to the adults that I work alongside that they feel comfortable in my company. At times I may be working with others who are unfamiliar with the school or classroom surroundings and would therefore need to offer my help or advice. Positive relationships amongst other members of the school team help the school to run effectively and happily and has a constructive effect on the pupils.
We build relationships with others in school on a daily basis in a number of ways and children will always respond to positive communication from adults. It is also key to a more efficient and safer environment for the children. Although disagreements may occur amongst pupils or adults at some stage, as role models it is our duty to resolve any conflict with rationale....