Evidence gathering form

|Evidence no                     |                                  |
|Evidence date                   |                                  |
Identify evidence type

Direct observation Reflective account
Questions Expert witness
Product Witness testimony

|Candidate name               |          JULIE MOYES                                                                                         |

|Evidence COMMUNICATION                                                                           |Unit, Element, PCs   |Knowledge           |
|EA is a gentleman has been resident with us at Praesmohr for several years. When I was receiving |                    |                    |
|the daily report it was brought to my attention that EA was becoming more agitated than usual.   |                     |                     |
|When he is more confused it is my responsibility to observe and record any changes in his         |                     |                     |
|behavior and phone the doctor for advice and follow advice given.   EA suffers from depression and|                     |                     |
|has terrible mood swings when he won’t drink enough fluids and declines food. I am aware of the   |                     |                     |
|danger of his not eating and drinking. I go to his room and have a long chat with him. I explain |                     |                     |
|to him that he is not doing himself any good by doing this and he will make himself seriously ill|                     |                     |
|if he continues like this.   I ask him if he understands what I am saying and he replies yes I do.|                     |                     |
|I tell EA that I am going to put a fluid chart in place so I can monitor and note his diet and   |                     |                     |
|fluid intake and also note this in daily report, and in his care plan. There is a white board in |...