Communicating with Family and significant others in one’s li
HHS 307 Comm Skills for health & Human Service Personnel
Nancy Larson
October 5, 2013


Different ways one can communicate with the different people in their life: therefore it will help build a better relationship with the different people they deal with. Family communication refers to the way verbal and nonverbal information is exchanged between family members. (Epstein Bishop, Ryan, Miller, & Keither,1993) communication is when you pay attention to what others are doing or say because it is not just about verbal that is why it is just as important to pay attention to the person you are   interacting with pay attention to their actions as well. Many people show things through their actions not just by their verbal ways. Communicating with your family members are very important because they are your love ones. It is important because it enables members to express their needs, wants and concerns to one another. (www.pubs.ext.vt) Families are able to work through whatever unresolved problems they have is through communication. Communication can be divided into two different areas: instrumental and effective. (www.pubs.ext.vt) Instrumental communication is the exchange of factual information that enables individuals to fulfill common family functions. (www.pubs.ext.vt) Such as telling your child he or she can have two cookies after lunch. Affective communication is the way individuals family members share their emotions with one another. (www.pubs.ext.vt) A way of showing emotion is when the mother was very happy when her daughter brought home all A’s. Different ways one can communicate with the different family member in their life to help them build a better relationship with the family members in their life. When communicating with a family member it can come across as clear or unclear the unclear version can remind you of something like a mask because you cannot see it. Clear...