1.Explain why effective communication is important and how it can affect relationships in the work setting……..Communication is very important in a work place, it means that you can relay and get accurate information from each other,   It can also help to avoid confusion   and miscommunication within the work setting.   This can lead to getting jobs done to the best of people’s ability.

2. Identify the factors that need to be considered when promoting effective communication…..Some of the factors to be considered when promoting effective communication can be people with a disability, cultural differences and the environment that you could be in.  
Verbal……. A number of features of speech can affect the quality and effectiveness of verbal communication. These include the clarity, volume, pace, tone and pitch of a person’s voice. For example, it isn’t a good idea to shout, mumble, talk really fast or sound aggressive when having a conversation with a service user, their friends, family or your colleagues. Speaking in this way is unprofessional and is likely to draw attention away from what is being said; people will focus more on how you are speaking to them. This makes any communication ineffective. A care professional’s speech should be clear, unambiguous and paced to suit the listener. Speaking in a measured, direct way enables the listener to hear and understand what is being said. Care professionals who use a relaxed, encouraging and friendly tone of voice are also able to convey warmth, sincerity and respect for the listener.
Non Verbal….. Body language: the use of gesture, posture, facial expression and behaviour to communicate without using words.  
Signing: communicating using visible hand gestures.

3. Explain how to communicate with people from different backgrounds who may use or interpret communication methods…… Communication is more than words being exchanged by people.   It is influenced by a great many factors. People’s background, what they...