The purpose of this essay is to argue whether or not that communication is the most important skill that a primary educator can possess. Communication ‘is’ the most important skill that a teacher can exercise in the classroom, and without communication, a student’s ability to learn will be significantly decreased. The essay will explain in detail, the ways in which a teacher can communicate with students, as well as parents and other educators, and also look at the variations in communication techniques. Teachers are able to communicate with students through the use of linguistic and paralinguistic communication to enhance the learning of all members of the classroom. The role of a teacher is to encourage and enhance the learning of all students, and this can only be achieved by means of communicating with them. Communication and language are a major part of every human’s life and daily routine, and it is the main way in which all humans interact with each other.

“Communication is a fundamental human ability and experience” (Chen & Shire, 2011, p.20). People communicate from birth and effective communication is imperative for children’s academic and social development. Communication is an important skill that primary educators need to establish to be able to teach effectively. Teachers must to be able to communicate with the students in their classroom on a daily basis as poor or no communication skills on the part of the teacher will result in an unhealthy learning experience for the student. Without communication from a teacher, students would have no instruction to follow and it would ultimately be impossible to teach. Educators need to be able to communicate with other colleagues and parents, as well as the pupils they teach. Communication has always been the heart of teaching, and always will be (Pollard, 2005, p. 271).

The main purpose of communication is to interact with other people. Consequently, communication is possibly the most social of all...