In this paper he will be identifying his top three learning styles starting with the most effective style among them and he will also be discussing his prominent personality type in which he then will develop a strategy for effective communication and collaboration for his traits.
The way you learn is a unique blend of intelligences, resulting from your distinctive abilities, challenges, experiences, and training (Bishop, Carter, & Kravits, 2007). (Bishop, Carter, & Kravits, 2007). Completing the “Pathways to Learning” assessment sheet, which was developed by Joyce Bishop, Ph D, and based upon Howard Gardner’s _Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences his top learning style was interpersonal, followed by intrapersonal, then Bodily-Kinesthetic. By him having an interpersonal learning style it basically sums up that he is a people person. He enjoys helping others and being there for his family, friends, and who ever needs him. Intrapersonal learning is defined as the ability to understand one’s own behavior and feelings (Bishop, Carter, & Kravits, 2007). This was the second highest learning style that fit him. Intrapersonal learners like to take the extra time themselves to improve on their being so they can be a better person. They tend to work alone and try to figure out whatever is going through their thoughts. Not only he likes to work with other people, he still takes time out to enhance himself as a learner and to figure issues out on his own. When it comes to being a bodily-kinesthetic learner Jerrell turns out to learn extremely quick. He is definite hands-on person when it comes to learning certain things. Bodily-kinesthetic is defined as the ability to use the physical body skillfully and to take in knowledge through bodily sensation (Bishop, Carter, & Kravits, 2007). Acquiring a project or activity face-to-face can teach a person a lot more than by verbal or written instructions.
I think the strategy that Jerrell will develop concerning...