Everyone has his or her own way of communicating, be it in person or in a virtual setting. Through communication and collaboration with others, their learning styles and personalities certainly shine through. It can be a positive or negative experience, but understanding individual differences may be that piece to working together harmoniously.

Visual, quiet setting and hands-on are the three main learning styles that everyone has encountered in some point or time. Most people have their preference with some being able to adapt, or not, to another if the situation called for it. Several people have trouble with learning styles. For instance, my working style is working independently and listen to music and my learning style is also to work independently in a quiet setting because it allows me to gather all my thoughts. The best way for a person to learn is based on the person and what learning style they prefer.   Everyone have a different learning style that works best for them. One of the best ways to identify learning styles is to find out their strengths and weaknesses. Once the person identifies his or her strengths and weakness, than they can decide what works best.
Some people like to have a visual because they can understand more and it makes it easier to learn. Other people learn better in a quiet setting.   A quiet setting allows people clearly to gather his or her thoughts, formulate their ideas without any distractions for his or her final product. One of the last learning styles is hands-on, which ties back into visual learning. Majority of people like to learn hands on because they have a better understanding visually and hands on. The three learning styles also help with communication.

Communication within a group setting can be very difficult. Some people like to work independently and some like input from others. Working in a group, or having a study group is very important. It shows that he or she can adapt with others as well as be very...