Communication and Professional Relationships

Communication and professional relationships
with children, young people and adults.

Showing respect


Being considerate

Remember issues are personal to them

Effective communication

Building positive relationships

Being clear on key points

Taking time to listen to others

Maintaining a sense of humour

To establish and build positive relationships with children, young people and adults having effective communication is paramount. Clear communication must be maintained at all times to prevent any possible misunderstandings occurring.   To gain a positive relationship with children, young people and adults there are many factors that have to be taken into consideration.   Making sure you are available and approachable at all times is essential such as maintaining open body language and eye contact. Having a friendly demeanour and giving your full attention towards the person is also important. If someone had their arms folded and was turned away from you and looked as they were annoyed or displeased then you be alot less likely to approach them.
This goes hand in hand with showing respect towards an individual. When building positive relationships being respectful and considerate is very important. Always listen to everyone’s point of view, as well as respecting pupils and adults from different cultures, beliefs and values from your own.   Acknowledging and respecting the views of others at all times is very important along with remembering preferred names or how they liked to be addressed. Ensure that you always seen to take the time to listen to people, especially when they are confiding in you, or asking for help and advice. When listening to someone always show interest by maintaining eye contact and using the appropriate body language. In some instances it isn’t always convenient to take the time to talk such as when you are teaching or dealing with another issue however always show that you have acknowledged them, let them know...